How To Win Competitions And Win Prizes

I bet you have heard it all before and read many an article online or in the paper about how you can win competitions in just a few clicks, give up work and live it up in the five bedroom country house you've just won by sipping champagne. Sound strangely familiar? I had heard, read and seen it all before too, until I just gave it a go one day, didn't hold out much hope and then about a month later I had an email informing me of a win. I was shocked, not just because I had won something but because people actually won prizes! I was convinced that all the prizes being offered online were some kind of scam, but I was happily proved wrong and I am living proof you can win things, nice things too and I'm here to tell you about my wins to give you hope as well as some tips, tricks and advice on how to win competitions.

I'm not going to lie here and say that if you enter competitions you will win stuff, because it boils down to luck at the end of the day. Sorry to be the bea…